Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Currently Celebrating: JESUS' BIRTH!

Merry Christmas everybody! What a joyful, loving Christmas it has been... and it's not even over. There are still so many family members to greet and laughs to share. I am tingling with anticipation still, as well as happiness as I look back on this glorious day. The living room is lit only with Christmas lights and the room is still. Silent. Watchful. The perfect ingredients for some good pondering.

Today is the day. The day where we celebrate the greatest gift of all: Jesus coming to earth for us. We hear variations of this theme in church all the time- especially on Christmas Day. How we give gifts because Jesus was given to us. How He was born just so that He could die for us. We hear this, we internalize it, and we move on through our day, our month, our year.

But when I stop for a moment, sitting here by myself, and close my eyes, I envelop myself in the reality of these words. It's no longer just a sermon topic. I feel the truth of it flicker in my soul; I recognize that these events actually happened and I feel His eyes on mine. I have only seen Him once, but He was majestic and perfect, and all I need to do is close my eyes to feel that peace and hope envelop me again. I know He is real and even though I am not the child He deserves, I still love Him with everything I have.

So, God rest ye. Don't dismay. Jesus is real and He loves you. Be merry.... be comforted.... be joyful! Merry Christmas!

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