Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Poetry: Loveliness in Nine Lines

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The holiday season is drawing to a close and a new year is setting slowly, stretching its last rays over the horizon. My reflections and favorite books I read in 2011 will be forthcoming, but today I want to bid 2011 adieu with a lovely poem by Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz. This poem bumped into me one day completely by accident, but I am so glad we met. It is a poem that can be applied to many stages of one's life, I believe, but today it seems to have been written for the end of a new year. New Year's resolutions come and go; rarely do they last longer than a month. But to live life fully, savor the simple and the grandiose equally, and to be at peace with my life and with all I know and love is my resolution for life. Take a deep breath. Enjoy.

by Czeslaw Milosz

A day so happy.
Fog lifted early. I worked in the garden.
Hummingbirds were stopping over the honeysuckle flowers.
There was no thing on earth I wanted to possess.
I knew no one worth my envying him.
Whatever evil I had suffered, I forgot.
To think that once I was the same man did not embarrass me.
In my body I felt no pain.
When straightening up, I saw blue sea and sails.

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