Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Writhing Insides

Currently Reading: Ireland by Frank Delaney

Guess what?! It's almost here. The big day. The biggest of days. The day when I finally step on an airplane in Chicago and disembark in the land of Cuchulain, Oisin, Yeats, and Joyce. Folks, I am going to Ireland. To say that I am excited is the equivalent of saying Leonardo da Vinci was OK with a paintbrush.

My insides are literally writhing with anticipation.

There's nothing else to say except that I have waited so long for this and it doesn't seem real that it is actually happening. I will be in the same place, on the same soil, where the Irish history I have read about for so long actually happened. The history will no longer be in my books, but it will be in the air I breathe and in the mud on my shoes and in the rain on my face. It seems impossible to me now, but the anticipation whirling throughout my stomach and dancing around my soul reminds me that it won't be long now. Posts may be few and far between this month, but I promise I will make up for it when I share some of our pictures. 

Daydreaming about Ireland mixes with daydreaming about Thornfield Hall. (My two great loves....) Once I'm back home, I plan to indulge my craving for a Jane Eyre reread. All fifteen copies I own have been whispering my name every time I pass by my bookshelf, begging me to open them and fall in. Sometimes I oblige, but only briefly. My list of Irish history books and novels have kept me quite busy as I prepare for our epic trip, but once we return, traversing the halls of Thornfield is my first priority. Talk about anticipation!  (P.S. For a fun literary smackdown between Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, check out Shelf Actualization's post from several days ago. I wonder who will win?! :)

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